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Energy Management

Reduce your energy costs

By optimising your lighting, heating and ventilation it ensures an energy efficient building and improves the health and wellbeing of your workforce. Carried out by experienced engineers, our in-depth energy survey can advise you on the best solutions to help you to reduce your energy costs and ensure you are compliant.

The SEI in-house design team has an in-depth understanding of energy efficiency and reduction. We recognise your needs and expectations and are not limited to one supplier, which means our design uses the best products for the job.


Lighting the way forward to a better work environment

Client: Copper & Optic is a leading manufacturer of high-quality cable assemblies and fibre optic solutions.
Brief: The manufacturer was struggling with the levels of lighting in its assembly area, resulting in reduced productivity. It tasked SEI with dramatically increasing the light level and reducing energy use.

Key Points About the Project

45% energy saving
50% lighting level increase
Enhanced work environment
Improved productivity for the client


SEI provided a full design scope for a new lighting system that guaranteed enhanced lighting levels to improve the working environment and meet industry requirements. The team calculated current and post-project energy use to show the potential savings, and the quote was presented to Copper & Optic’s engineering, finance and management teams and approved to proceed. The two-phase project was carried out out-of-hours to avoid disruption to the business.


The new lighting system has dramatically improved illumination levels, creating an enhanced work environment and improving productivity. There was a light level increase of almost 50% and an increased energy saving of 45%. Our target was to increase the average lux level to at least 1000 lux, and our actual increase was to an average lux level of 1,347, dramatically increasing the light levels in the assembly area.
Because of the lighting system’s reliability and its five-year warranty, a maintenance contract was not needed, resulting in a further saving for the client.